If it doesn’t fit, it isn’t made to fit!

Before making contact with you to speak about a new professional challenge, we first form a clear picture of the vacant position from our personal cooperation and briefing with our clients.

The person who contacts you understands the business, processes and culture of the company. We also know the decision-makers behind the organisation and can quickly work out with you if your professional experience fits and what challenges and prospects the position offers you personally. From the initial telephone call to the personal conversation and the further process, you can count on confident, honest and customised consulting – all from a single source. We put you in contact with companies where your strengths are in particular demand and the important soft factors, such as company culture and immediate working environment, match your personality. We also make sure the process runs effectively for you, give you personal feedback and actively keep you informed about the current status of the project.

 Customised consulting independent of a specific search /mandate

We are also glad to consult you even without a specific mandate. Please use our years of experience in different companies and industries to receive unbiased, open advice about professional positioning and possible development paths. We act as your sparring partner – analysing your professional history, discussing your expectations and ideas for the future, and designating fields of competence that we see as being among your special strengths and others that should be optimised. We give you food for thought and insights into what roles and companies need your experience.

If our ability to see the bigger picture has not yet led us to you, we look forward to you getting in “tough” touch with us.