We perk up our ears, put our feelers out and see the bigger picture

Understanding the client and its business and thinking in terms of the company environment and the vacant position. We take time to do this properly and do it with passion. Your intermediate goals, personality and decisions take centre stage from the beginning of our consulting process. We ask questions in personal conversations, act as your sparring partner and give you impetus. However, we do not just look at the past and the present, we also reflect with you on strategic targets that could be relevant to the vacant position. This is how we develop the job profile with you, specify a realistic search strategy and define relevant framework conditions for the project. An important part of our task is to then transport this information in the direction of your future professionals and executives. This means we have to inspire people authentically without sugar-coating anything! Using open and honest communication, we bring you together with suitable and interested candidates. We then support you and your candidates until the induction phase has been successfully completed.

We concentrate on the sectors and industries where we gained experience and had operational responsibility before founding our company. This is where our network is – a network that we are continually expanding. Our open business mentality and experience gained as human resources managers at the interface of all functional areas in a company bring the added value of being able to see the “bigger picture” and quickly get to grips with new client environments.